Monday, November 06, 2006

what if Crazydave isn't Lying Mr. Thompson

Hi Mr. thompson Everybody,

Here we are 6/11/06, have we had a reply yet from Mr. Thompson Crazydave. No folkes we havent.

Well Mr. Thompson I had the reply from the parliamentary ombudsman this time from an Ann Abraham she must have signed that particular document on the day that I sent my part 3 to you Mr. thompson, it seems that she deems me a liar as well, but what if I am not one Mr. thompson what if I am not a liar. Where does that leave our Dr. Kennedy and where does that leave the parliamentary ombudsman??? As a bunch of colluding shysters, I think so. The complaint not upheld.

Yeah that was one piece of mail I did receive. The other was regarding my appeal for DLA or Disability Living Allowance, now thats a thing in itself Mr. thompson, theres a choice of words for you DLA. You know something Mr. Thompson in the 9 years that I have been in receipt of income support because I am not fit to receive incapacity benefit I have never ever been offered winter heating allowance, probably your thinking tough kaka, eh Mr. Thompson probably like my MP or my Assembly member, much like I have heard that there's something called single person allowance for water charges you'd think I'd be offered that given the 'excessive profiting' claim but oh no.

Yeah DLA it comprises of two components my Thompson Carer allowance and mobility allowance but it sure doesn't take into account living allowance. I havent been outside of Cardiff for the last years, I've applied for this benefit because its not easy to live on the money I have now Live enjoy the days without having to worry unduly about what I can spend my money on this week, can I afford some plaster to have a go at making a new sculpture, a bit like the one above.

Or to enable me to have a warm home this winter, or to just be able to afford a little of what others have. After all Mr. Thompson I have met others in similar situations to myself who appear to get every benefit under the sun, but call yourself David Gabriel and you've got no chance.

What of all those people who will be losing their minds today Mr. Thompson all those who will begin their journey on the little government feel sufficient to live on back in 1997-98 it was £48 p.w. how about giving living on that for a year a go Mr. Thompson, or trying to heat your home through a winter on that pittance, when you know government throws good money after bad like it was going out of style, yet ask them for just a tiny bit of consideration and what we'd prefer to give £432,000.00 to a private landlord per year than see the claiment have enough to provide their own medication or to clothe or feed themselves properly.

You won't find any mental health charities fighting for their client groups to be given a better standard of living either I have tried to engauge them in this but like certain members of the House of Lords or the Welsh Assembly Mind Cymru would prefer not to receive emails from me anymore just like the CAB(citizens advise beureau). Who have both put a block on receiving emails from me, one wonders why, perhaps it shows them up for the hypocrits they are.

The last time I applied for DLA and it was refused I had to have two cats put down because I could longer afford their keep, now other strays have taken up living with me, or coming to me for food because I am a soft touch, but I will not see them starve, and why shouldn't mental health suferes have pets, after all many of us prefer animals to human beings given that animals respond to love with love, but not it would seem the Human Being.

So I'll copy paste the last email I sent to the parliamentary ombudsman here as well as the original email to Cardiff County Council asking for a corporate complaint number and let you know that that email still has not been responded to, I wonder when the victimization will stop after all none of the County Councillors made aware of the complaint has bothered to get involved and how many did you email crazydave everyone on the Council own web site everyone.

To:,, Subject: corporate complaintsDate: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 16:32:14 +0000
Hi there

I received a form from Alun Hills regarding a corporate complaint, requesting a number he sent out a form. I would prefer making the complaint via email.

this is initially to verify that the email address given me today is correct. I have pasted a blog posted on to this email so that you might have some idea of the nature of the complaint. I will add that today I received a letter for Alison Wood telling me that she would be visiting me at 1100hrs today thurs 28/9/06.

Given what I have emailed Mr. Hills and her I find that remarkable. Did she visit, not that I am aware if she did she might have seen the Gas fire thats been dumpt in 15a section of the garden. The complaint is one of victimization by housing officers and attempting to constructively evict me, for starters, negligence and wilful neglect might well be added if indeed there were people serious about corporate complaints.

Having said that I will leave the rest with you.

David Gabriel

Cardiff cc deemed an unfit social landlord
Friday, September 01, 2006

2006 the year cardiff cc was deemed an unfit social landlord

Well that was sent thurs 28th sept 2006 Mr. Thompson and while I have chased up a reply and to verify that the email address given is for the right dept. I have received nothing. Victimization I think so especially as the Alison Wood letter sent to me that day proves that she had been forwarded the above email.

now for the parliamentary ombudsman, this one sent 4/10/06

Hi Mr. Ponoy everybody,

On tuesday 3/10/06 I received Mr. Ponoy's draft report regarding my complaint about perjury of a report by Dr. Kennedy of medical services. He has the cheek to ask that I reply by Monday the 16/10/06 quite amazing given the time span that its taken to get this document. although he thinks an apology surfices???

Lets go to point nu7. He claims I handed the letter choice one or choice two the appointments clerk WRONG they were sent the letter in the post and the doctor assured me that he had seen it.

He also claims in this document that I 'and handed the doctor a piece of paper with "go f**k yourself " written on it.'
Now lets see what Mr. Ponoy has missed off that piece of paper. the inverted comma ' mark begins "AS A REPRESENTATIVE OF BRO TAFF HEALTH AUTHORITY GO F**K YOURSELF" I wonder Mr. Ponoy what your motivation is in missing out that part of the Piece of Paper. he also fails to note that on the same piece of paper in biro rather that felt pen was written this "FOR YOUR FILES, JUST INCASE ANY MISS REPRESENTATION BY MEDICAL SERVICES IS ATTEMPTED- AS JAWAD DID REGARDING THE EVENTS OF THAT APPOINTMENT" 3/11/06.

Why Mr. Ponoy has your draft report failed to mention those details. Incidentally that piece of paper and the attached letter outlining choice one or two was left with the doctor when he asked me "would you like to leave" to which I replied "thank you " and did so not as the fraudulent report that Dr. Kennedy wrote, I just upped and left.

In point nu 15 where Mr. Ponoy states "I can confirm that the report the doctor submitted was an account of the events" not an accurate account Mr. Ponoy.

You have not questioned it seems Mr. Ponoy why someone would write that "as a representative of Bro Taff health authority" you have not asked who Jawad is? do you know? have you asked Bro Taff Health Authority. So to save you time He's a psychiatrist a front line psychiatrist at that. One Mr. Ponoy who was requested to provide a psychiatric examination in order to see my suitability for social worker assistance. A man whose first real question at that appointment was "do you have a social worker at the moment" and who fled the meeting after two minutes because I had to raise my voice in order to gain his attention, waiving his arms and shouting "I will not having shouting, I will not have shouting"

Tell him what happened prior to that Crazydave, what that My doctor refused a domicillary visit for this assesment by the psychiatrist yet they send you out a booklet asking how do you spend your time, isn't it easier to show and tell, because as a recluse Mr. Ponoy much of my time was spent attending the garden at the property, in reconnecting to the natural world, creating a sacred space, communing with the Divine.

Then Mr. Ponoy when you question what the hell the psychiatrist is up to your told the guy is well respected in his field. That his apparent need to flee wasn't enough for him to recommend a social worker, in fact this mental health proffessional was urging his secretary to call the police because I had the timerity to voice my oppinion.

There is audio tape Mr. Ponoy that I was fortunate to come accross in this life called Assertiveness, one of the things it suggests is repeated requests, whoa!, whoa!, whoa!, was such a repeated request to Dr. Jawad. So that I could answer that question with one of my own, which would have been "are you trying to tell me that you do not know why I am here" even though I had made numerous calls to his secretary prior to that appointment.

That I had had a blasing row with my doctor over his refusal to urge a domicillary visit for the appointment , that I was on a product called 'cipramil' at the time and that the doctor had failed to notice the side effects of that product on my psychological health i.e. a very very very low tolerance to bulldoody, infact Mr. Ponoy I believe that had Dr. jawad had his way and I was a less controlled person He would have delighted in having me sectioned.

The complaints that I made following that aborted meeting was mired with the self same type of cover up you are doing in this draft report of yours!

I wonder if you would care to ask Jane Hutt who received a copy of the piece of paper in Nov 2003 in a 73 page document being the then health minister, she might confirm where the inverted comma on it starts and stops, and the inspiration for the ammendment of it from that stated in the letter to the allocations clerk came after a phone call to Darren Gibbon the then manager of Jobcentre plus in cowbridge rd. in cardiff.(any relation to Doc Gibbon Crazydave maybe)

You might also ask Russell Goodway the then chairman of Cadiff County Council if his copy of that piece of paper has the inverted comma starting at "As a representative of Bro Taff Health Authority. You might ask Chief Super Bob Evans who received a copy of the document supplied to Jane Hutt in the summer of 2004 where the inverted comma started.

You might ask the Doctor surgery what happened when due to things not being so easy for me any more I had to have my two cats put down because I could nolonger afford to keep them, all because the DLA people rather have private landlords receiving £432,000.00pa out of the social security system but that someone with mental health issues is denied just a Little More Please.

I wonder Mr. Ponoy when you have been through all of that and you ask the so called health Professional for a little lea way in acceptance of ones drug addiction so that you might not damage your physical health as I did 6-7 years ago, their response is (the need for article 10 of the human rights act is now invoked for my protection) "tough shit", in fact Mr. Ponoy it seems it would be "die you little shit" And that Mr. Ponoy given the letters I have written regarding the product 'seroxat' the emails and the blogs regarding acceptance that living with your addiction be taken on board by these so called Health professionals, that they take into consideration that ones living conditions can exaserbate them and yet not one of the many who I have contacted from ministers of health to house of Lords member, or two years of regular protests at the welsh assembly have born any fruit what so ever.

That is why I am calling for Dr. Brian Gibbon to be struck off, as he has received enough correspondence as the now minister for health n social services to have done something to not only alliviate my housing situation, but also my health needs given his statements about the smoking ban. (see the ammended blog refering to his latest comment on that)

Now I have wondered about the motivation of this Dr. Kennedy as I wonder about your motivation Mr. Ponoy in calling me a liar, especially the miss information, the bits left out of this report, do I expect you to correct it? "Hey Crazydave that would be a miracle wouldn't it". Do I expect that the Welsh Assembly government will be charged with the wilful neglect of this vulnerable adult, and all others living in similar types of housing or with similar drug use issues, do I expect the general medical council to find in my favour in a different approach to cannabis, oh hardly, but maybe maybe when I am dead and gone just maybe Mr. Ponoy there might be a change in attitude by these health professionals maybe they might discover that this plant has healing properties when ingested in a non- carcinogenic form , and a little more love and light be granted long term users, especially when they ask for such help.

Well that all I have to say to you all today, you can all think what you wish, maybe one of you will ask Mr. Ponoy to fax you the piece of paper, so you can see for yourselves where the comma begins and ends. Maybe you might consider that under the circumstance of such a history you might have written the self same thing.

Where you might feel the same enmity towards these GP's and their perejury of reports as much as I do. But then Mr. Ponoy your calling me a liar in this report just marks you in my books as what Pink Floyd call "another brick in the wall" for you protect this GP believe his account much as the convenor for Bro Taff Health Authority believed Jawads account of the meeting, AND THAT MR. PONOY IS WHY I REFUSE REFUSE REFUSE TO REGISTER WITH ANY OTHER GP.

I will end this on a different note I have come accross a product Mr. Ponoy call Holosync its produced by an american company call centerpointe you will find it on the net. If I was granted DLA I would purchase that product given that its $150 a time and there are 12 CD's in all, you might order yourself a demo copy free of charge as it seems to me it might be more beneficial than any anti-depressants.

Finally for all of you I would recommend you to read a trilogy of books written by Neale Donald Walsch called 'Conversations with God' It might just might change your persception about me and about the growing of Hemp, and may even inspire you to do a little something towards the healing of this planet.

Love n Light David Gabriel. (the full list of blogs)

Do you think I have heard any thing from all those sent copies of the above email, oh no the GMC would prefer that it did not exist, would prefer not to have to ask those oh so salient questions and do you think that I will be granted the money to purchase the holosync product, do a trial of it, like hell.

That Mr. Thompson is the way things are, all that I have done to try and raise these issues has apparently fallen on deaf ears, all of it tried to be hidden by your scoundrel broadcasting corporation, would would have us all believe that the sun shines out of Rhodri Morgans governments backside. how many others are going to needlessley suffer because they are so up their arses as to not be able to take on board one single issue I have attempted to raise or to offer real assistance, or to ask those bloody awkward questions.

Where's the Ferret when you need him crazydave???
IN HIDING IT WOULD SEEM. OR DON'T YOU KNOW ABOUT THE fERRET MR. TOMPSON, some bbc programme I've been told, that deal with consumer issues. Has he ever looked into the scally wag water companies, has he ever looked into victimization by councils of tenants, has he ever looked into Malfeasance by the Welsh Assembly government and that includes the opposition parties, Unlikely eh Crazydave. yep

Well time for me to send this update to uncle Tom n All
To much Love to much Light for you Mr. Thompson to much it would seem for the 484 House of Lords members that have received notice that these blogs to you exist. Has the crown prosecution service stopped prosessing of all TV Licence dodgers yet Mr. Thompson because government never insured that there were products on the market that didn't pick up the bbc signal, but allowed for the watching of independant telly or of video watching, and I wonder if in the light of these blogs all the convictions of the past will now be overturned?????????

Maybe if these blogs ever saw the light of day, if they ever got into the collective consciousness if ever I managed to get these complaints to trial??? Eh Chief Constable. What about the GMC n the Dentistry blog don't the health profession give a fig for the nations teeth, because those questions are still outstanding Mr. Thompson.

LnL Crazydave.